Children who turn 5 in the twelve months after July 1st of a year are eligible for Prep that year. Our experienced Prep team includes full-time teacher aides who work with the teachers to support children on their early learning journey. There is a strong focus on developing social skills, resilience, early literacy and numeracy  concepts, and developing independence and conflict resolution skills.

As children start Prep at St John’s, they will transition to the wider school community in a managed format. For example, they will join the playground area at different times initially to the Year 1 and 2 children, to enable them to develop confidence in their new outdoor environment. Prep students enjoy a varied curriculum including Christian Studies, along with the Australian Curriculum subjects. Technology is also used by our preppies to consolidate learning opportunities. Preps will also participate in:

  • P.E. lessons
  • Library lessons
  • Music and Visual Arts lessons.

Prep at St John’s is full of learning in a variety of ways that engage young children and make them excited about wanting to learn new things.