About Us

Our Mission

Our school community is committed to providing quality education which endeavours to prepare children for the future, in a caring, supporting Christian environment.

St John’s Lutheran School has a vision for learning in the 21st century that values Faith, Friendship and Family while focussing on Relationships, Responsibility and Results.

The values that underpin this vision incorporate the Lutheran Education Australia “Lifelong Qualities for Learners”, and the school has adopted the 7C’s as a guide for our school community to live by:

Christ – We ask, “What would Jesus do?”

Co-operation – We co-operate with others.

Communication – We communicate in socially acceptable ways.

Courtesy – We use good manners in all situations.

Consideration – We respect the feelings and property of others.

Care – We care for ourselves, others and our world.

Christian Leadership – We serve, help and encourage others.

What We Offer

St John’s Lutheran School is a school community that is committed to providing quality education while endeavouring to prepare children for the future in a caring, supportive Christian environment. We strive to provide a positive approach to education that will equip children for the future and lay a foundation for lifelong learning.

We offer Primary classes from Prep to Year 6, and a Junior Secondary program with Years 7, 8 and 9  and have been approved to expand to Year 10 in 2022 and then in the following years into Senior Schooling of Year 11 in 2023 and our foundation Seniors will be on campus in 2024.

Our academic guidelines are based on the Australian National Curriculum documents provided by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority, while the Bible and the Lutheran Confessions provide the theological foundation for our worship and devotional program. A blend of traditional and current educational practices provide a balanced framework for instruction and learning. The Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Educational Declaration underpins the educational program at St John’s.

Our Restorative Practices approach to relationships acknowledges that healthy relationships are vital for our lives, our learning, and our school community. Our aim is for students to develop a sense of responsibility for their own behaviour and an understanding of how the way in which they treat others has consequences that can either enhance or harm relationships.

Pastoral Care

At St John’s, we recognise the need to support parents in the upbringing of the “whole” child, including physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual care. Children are involved in daily classroom devotions, saying grace before meals, and prayer times. Teachers use the Christian Studies Curriculum Framework as a basis for Christian Studies, to assist the children in their individual faith journey. Our school focuses on relationship management using a Restorative Practices approach.

Families are welcome to attend our weekly whole school devotions, Sunday Night LIFE services throughout the term, or the Sunday services at the local Lutheran church. Our school chaplain is  available to assist families in times of need.

What our clients tell about us

  • ” I could not be more complimentary of, or more highly recommend, St John’s Lutheran Kindergaten and St John’s Lutheran Primary School to other families who may be considering your establishment for the education of their children. It has been a true pleasure to have been involved within your community.”

    St John’s parent
  • “Our association with the school has been one of the most positive and enjoyable experiences of our time in the Kingaroy district and we are truly grateful for the fine academic and life education that our girls have received under your tutorage.”

    Sue Megaw (Past Parent 2012)
  • “In one of the greatest steps of courage, faith and commitment individual supporters of the project agreed to underwrite the financing and expenses for this project – great was the faith of those wanting to see this school started.”

    Pastor Ken Schmidt
  • “Our son is in Year 5 at St John’s. We’ve found the close-knit nature of the school makes it easy to get to know other parents, and to develop supports that will hopefully see us through into high school. Our son has been encouraged in his spiritual walk; he enjoys going to school and participating in some of the extra-curricular activities that the school has on offer.”

    St John’s Parent
  • “St John’s works in partnership with my family to help develop life assets for my two sons. Under the guiding platform of spiritual health, they are stimulated intellectually, and feel very relaxed working in the supportive and caring school community.”

    St John’s Parent